Exhibitions in March

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Cultural Center "Sea casino"
Burgas,Seaside Park

March 6 (Monday) - March 30 (Thursday)

Exhibition:"The beauty of sadness"-Ivan Kostov

Gallery "Georgi Baev"

Burgas, 6 ''Demokratsia'' Str

February 28 (Tuesday) - March 19 (Sunday)

Exposition "White"


Regional Historical Museum Burgas-Historical Exposition
Burgas, 31 "Lermontov" Str.

March 2 (Thursday) -May 13 (Saturday)

Exhibition: "In the footsteps of Father Matej and his companions"


Society of Burgas Artists
Burgas, 22 "Aleksandrovska" Str.

March 18 (Saturday) -March 30 (Thursday)

Exhibition: "Water is life"


Art-Gallery "Prolet"
Burgas,32 "Lermontov" Str.

January 26 (Thursday) - March 19 (Sunday)
Exhibition of: Veliko Marinchevski


Art-Gallery "Nesi"
Burgas, 12 "Aleksandrovska" Str

March 7 (Tuesday) - March 31 (Friday)
Exhibition of: Eduard Penkov


March 28 (Tuesday) - April 18 (Tuesday)

Exhibition "Transmigration" of Stefan Georgiev


Gallery "Bogoridi"

Burgas,48 "Bogoridс" Str

March 22  (Wednesday) - April 13 (Thursday)

Exhibition of Hristo Totev


Gallery "13th step"

Burgas,78 "Aleksandrovska" Str

February 23 (Thursday) - March 19 (Sunday)

Exhibition of Nenko Chanev


Gallery "Burgas"

Burgas, 13 "Aboba" Str

March 23 (Thursday) - April 13 (Thursday)

Exhibition: Painting and Graphics of Georgi Baev, from the personal collection of Ivo Baev








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